Jacob Jensen

Welcome to the world of Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen is one of the most important Scandinavian designers of all time. Jacob Jensen Design won over 70 design awards! The company produces watches since the 1980’s, using first class materials and high quality movements.

With more than 500 products designed since the beginning of the 1950’s, Jacob Jensen is possibly the most represented designer in the Danish home.

Through an original, simple, and today classic form language, he has time and again shown us that the products, which are a part of our everyday lives, can contain a quiet beauty. Jacob Jensen is for many Danes the very symbol of good design, mainly due to his work for Bang & Olufsen.

Jacob Jensen International

Internationally, Jacob Jensen is one of the most award-winning designers in the world. He is represented in museums all over the globe, among these The Museum of Modern Art in New York, where 15 of his products are included in their permanent collection. Christian Holmsted Olesen, Curator at The Danish Museum of Art & Design, writes that with regard to his design historical importance, several of Jacob Jensen’s works can be seen as “sophisticated extracts of 2 0th century design”.

S. Weisz Uurwerken BV is the manufacturer of Jacob Jensen watches, clocks & jewellery and is also the official distributor in the Benelux.