Edox is a family-owned Swiss watch brand, manufacturing watches with quartz and mechanical movements in the lovely village of Les Genevez in the Swiss Jura.

Over 130 years of innovation and Swiss watchmaking tradition

If time is a river, then Swiss watchmaker Edox is a master sailor on this constantly flowing dimension.

For 130 years, Edox has produced exceptional, innovative and elegant timepieces for men and women, blending state-of-the-art technologies and design with the exquisite craftsmanship that has made Switzerland the world’s leader in horology.

For Edox, watchmaking is more than a business; it is a passionate connection with life itself. No surprise, then, that the company was founded in 1883 not as a cold, calculated money-making venture but via an affair of the heart. Gifted watchmaker Christian Ruefli-Flury gave his wife, Pauline, a pocket watch he had designed for her 25th birthday. Touched, she persuaded her husband to form his own company.

Thus Edox (the ‘hour’ in ancient Greek) was born, becoming a thriving business over the following decades.

  • In 1921, after Christian Ruefli-Flury’s death, Edox turned to producing wristwatches and has since notched up some notable achievements:
  • The revolutionary Delfin in 1961, water-resistant to 200 metres thanks to its double-crown gasket, double case-back and special shock proofing
  • The remarkable Hydrosub in 1965, water-resistant to 500 metres
  • The Geoscope 24-hour Worldtimer in 1970, with its unique ‘world map’ as seen from the South Pole and displaying the earth’s timezones. Today the watch is a highly sought-after collector’s piece
  • The Les Bémonts Ultra Slim in 1988, at just 1.4 mm thick, then the world’s slimmest calendar watch
  • In 2006 Edox launched a collection of sports watches, water-resistant to 500 metres and incorporating materials derived from aerospace research, such as titanium, carbon and ceramic

Renowned for its technical excellence, Edox has in the past few years formed partnerships with a number of world leading sporting associations and events, such as the Formula One with Sauber F1 Team and the World Curling Federation.

But it is to two of its iconic timepieces – the Delfin and Geoscope – that Edox, based in Les Genevez in the heart of the Swiss Jura since 1983, has returned to celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2014.

Brilliant Master watchmaker, Christian Ruefli-Flury designed a pocket watch for his beloved wife Pauline in 1883. One year later, he founded Edox.

1860: Born in Courrendlin (Switzerland), son of a foundry master. Educated in Courrendlin.

1870: Moved to Grenchen (Swizterland). Commenced horology apprenticeship with Urs Schild, one the great Master Watchmakers, before joining the Eterna watch company.

1883: Married Pauline Flury. Worked for Jean Ægler – watchmaker in Biel-Bienne until 1883.

1884: Founded his own watchmaking atelier in Biel-Bienne. Principal founder of Lake Biel-Bienne Steam Boat Company and originator of the Evilard funicular and the Wildermeth Hospital in Biel-Bienne. Made numerous significant donations to regional hospitals and to children’s nurseries in Biel-Bienne and gave monetary support to retirement homes and sanatoriums for the hard of hearing.

The hourglass logo was the first logo used for Edox in 1884. It is still the official Edox identity since 130 years.
Established in Biel in 1955, Edox factory employed up to 500 watchmakers. Edox factory and facilities are now established in Les Genevez, in the heart of the Swiss Jura, since 1983.
Edox timepieces are hand-assembled in the Swiss Jura, by skilled and talented watchmakers, respecting the tradition of our elders.
Launched in 1965, the Hydrosub collection sets Edox reputation and know-how in engineering deep water-resistant timepieces.
Delfin revolutionary model was launched in 1961, featuring an exclusive water resistance to 200 meters. In 1971 was the launch of the Geoscope timepiece, featuring the 24 time zones of the world.
Edox is celebrated its 130th Anniversary in 2014.
All Edox timepieces are Swiss-made and hand-assembled in modern facilities in Les Genevez, Switzerland. Edox employs skilled and talented watchmakers, respecting the tradition of our elders, when during the harsh winter months, our predecessors used to assemble watches.
The WCF represents curling internationally by facilitating the co-operation and mutual understanding of a network of 53 Member Associations. Edox is the official timekeeper of the World and European Championships.
Austrian free diver, Christian is also multiple world record holder of various free dives. -62 meters under the ice, or 5600 meters above sea level, Christian Redl has numerous new projects for 2014 and 2015.
Edox is a proud Premium Partner of the Sauber F1 Team since 2016. Formula One is an ideal platform for Edox. Formula One, and the Sauber F1 Team in particular, stands for Swiss precision, cutting-edge technology, innovation and history. These are all values which have similarly strengthened the Edox brand philosophy from the beginning, and which define our affinity with motorsport’s crowning discipline.


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