Danish Design - New Jewellery

Danish Design – new jewellery

Introducing the jewellery collection of Danish Design

JEWELLERY – The jewellery collection of Danish Design (introduced last year and greeted with great enthusiasm) is enriched with several new models, made of skin-friendly and pleasantly light titanium.

Jewellery has long been associated with luxury. In fact that still is a legitimate association, because no one “needs” a piece of jewellery. But the idea that jewellery always is precious, has been proved false by brands that chose less precious metals and crystal instead of diamonds. In recent years, a quiet revolution has been going on, with watch brands using their expertise in the materials and design area to create a new kind of jewellery. These are ergonomically styled, clean-looking bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces that with their timeless design perfectly fit the lifestyle of a modern generation.

What fits well too are friendly prices that are mostly between 50 and 200 euros. Hence the jewellery comes within reach of a large audience.

Danish Design consciously uses titanium as the basis for the new jewellery collection. Titanium is lightweight, very scratch resistant and anti-allergic. That makes Danish Design jewellery extremely comfortable to wear. Titanium may also be coated by the PVD-technique. Danish Design often use this technical possibility to add gold colour accents that create a chic effect. The collection consists of several lines, all named after iconic places in Denmark.

Inspired by the effortless beauty of simplicity. The jewellery collection runs the range of fashionable accessories, from earrings and necklaces to pendants, bracelets and rings. Danish Design insisted on using only titanium for this jewellery line, a material known and praised for its strength, lightweight and anti-allergenic properties. And for its natural sheer beauty. The collection showcases two different colours; natural titanium and gold PVD coated. The designs are simple and elegant… a playful, minimalist meeting ground of round shapes and tight angles.


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