For more than 150 years, the Junghans brand name has stood for quality, reliability and emotion. Discover the collections of Junghans.

About Junghans

What began in 1861 in Schramberg, Germany, as the Junghans watch factory opened its doors quickly developed into one of the most compelling success stories in the history of the German watch industry. The demands placed on a timepiece may have evolved since then, but the Junghans philosophy has remained unchanged.

Still today, an innovative spirit and the incessant pursuit of precision are the key beliefs that drive all those who work at Junghans. Thanks to the vision and energy of the entrepreneurial Steim family from Schramberg, the company is now shining in fresh splendour.

This commitment to Schramberg as a location of business is apparent and tangible in every watch bearing the Junghans name.

As multifaceted as the Junghans portfolio is, a single uncompromising standard applies: to bring together traditional workmanship with state-of-the-art technology and truly exciting design. This is what makes every timepiece with the eight-point star so very unique, and what allows us to proudly state:



The south-west of Germany, especially the Black Forest, has always been a region of experimenters and inventors. Many of today’s world-renowned companies in the precision mechanics industry started out here.

A long tradition, in the course of which innovative ideas have spawned great technological revolutions. Germany’s traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and, emerging from it, an expanding watch industry which sets international standards to this day, have their roots in the Black Forest. Junghans has been a part of this tradition for 153 years: from the Black Forest for the world.

“Junghans is Schramberg and Schramberg is Junghans” This quote illustrates just how synonymous the watch factory and the town of 5 valleys are with each other. No matter where you look, the company and its influence on the town can be felt in so many places.

A visit to Schramberg with its variety of museums and historic buildings offers an insight into the fascinating history of the company.

Weisz Group is the official distributor for Junghans in the Benelux.


Product Manuals

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