ORIENT WATCH is a Japanese watch manufacturer with many years of history. It has long produced high-quality watches globally.

ORIENT WATCH has manufactured watches for more than 60 years, since its founding in 1950. Its watches are now worn in more than 70 countries. From the heyday of mechanical watches in the 1960s, through analog quartz watches from the 1970s, Orient continues to provide unique, advanced products that anticipate trends. The company offers high-quality products in a range of categories. In particular, mechanical watches have always been its core products.

In response to shifting contemporary trends, Orient has also continually introduced numerous new products to the market. Its consistent focus, however, has been the development of mechanical watches — a focus that has remained unchanged since its foundation. Customers in over 70 countries regularly use Orient products. While it provides quartz watches with the high level of quality and multiple functions that overseas customers typically expect of Japanese manufacturers, it also continues to focus on its core products, mechanical watches, in defining its corporate identity. Often called the best guarded secret of watch making, Orient is the largest Japanese manufacturer of mechanical movements.

The brand is fully owned by Seiko, but operates completely independent, offering beautiful watches with hand crafted movements.

Weisz Group is the official distributor for Orient in the Benelux.



Product Manuals

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