Roamer is the watch brand for people who love their life and enjoy valuable moments. People wearing a Roamer spend their leisure with friends or with their families. Their dedication, steadfastness and extraordinary sense for doing the right thing unites them at important moments. Friends and family consider them to be as prudent as they are perceptive.

As with their way of synthesising traditional values with modern convictions, Roamer succeeds in applying the essence of its long traditions in the context of contemporary innovations to create a strong brand.The precision movements of our timepieces symbolise stringency, while our carefully selected, durable materials reflect sensitivity and a constant character. Above all, choosing a Roamer is a manifestation of an independent, cosmopolitan spirit, not least determined by the harmonious lines and the high-quality compositions of colours, patterns and materials.

The success story of a Swiss traditional brand

The success story of Swiss watch maker ROAMER OF SWITZERLAND starts in 1888. With a past steeped in tradition, ROAMER has kept its identity and independence as a Swiss watch maker and for the past 125 years has stood for the reliable innovation and exceptional quality of the classic Swiss watch.

The beginning of the ROAMER story is the vision of a pioneer; Swiss industrialist Fritz Meyer (1859 – 1926) wanted to develop a solid but elegant watch with the aim of establishing it as a valuable accessory. To get a step closer to his dream, he opened a workshop in Solothurn in 1888, producing cylinder escapements for mechanical watches.


Product Manuals

Manuals are included with all our watches. But you’ll find them here too! If your missing a manual and want to know more information about one of our products you can always contact our service department on +31 (0)20 679 46 33 (in the menu choose for option 3) or e-mail