Danish Design

Our story is unique, just like yours. And we’re thrilled about spending time with you. We love to express ourselves in freedom, we cherish purity and nature, we value harmony and design. The place in which all these comes together? Scandinavia. Launched in 1988, Danish Design has been around for a while but time hasn’t stood still; just like you, we have lived and closed unique chapters in life after which we started new ones. We have found our harmony in nature and design; we have let it inspire us to become better, be sustainable and to be there for you whenever you seek us.

In the UK you can find Danish Design watches in various independent specialty stores and our loyal retailpartner F. Hinds Jewellery.

Contact us: UK inquiries – our long time distributor is MSS Watch Company Manchester. Get in touch via: info@msswatch.co.uk or www.msswatch.co.uk

All other inquiries: get in touch with the Danish Design Headquarters at Weisz Group via international@weiszgroup.com or contact Marc Verhoef (Sales Director) directly via mverhoef@weiszgroup.com