Since 2012, we are KERBHOLZ®.

A young, German design brand, which right from the start has wanted to strike new paths.

Kerbholz Hinze





We have conceived, designed and constructed new products. We have tested ideas, worked meticulously on them, scrapped them and changed things over and over. We have learned, developed and evolved further. We explored the skills, the technical possibilities and the handling of materials.

The 2017 collection gathers all these experiences, developments and achievements from the last 5 years. We have rethought our products and created a collection, which expresses more consistently than any before, what KERBHOLZ is a German brand for valuable, minimalist accessories made with environmentally friendly materials. A brand which is here to stay.

For the KERBHOLZ watches we only use precious natural wood which is being sealed in a special way. Nevertheless, over the time the wood develops a characteristic patina, which makes every KERBHOLZ product more individual. In the current series the RONDA Swiss Parts movements (Cal. 762 E) rest in a metal core to protect them from weather influences and moisture.
– Extra light, high comfort
– High quality quartz movement
– Minimalistic design ›Made in Germany‹
– Made from renewable materials

Product Manuals

Manuals are included with all our watches. But you’ll find them here too! If your missing a manual and want to know more information about one of our products you can always contact our service department on +31 (0)20 679 46 33 (in the menu choose for option 3) or e-mail